6 ways to convert more users on your WooCommerce store

The exhilaration of launching a WooCommerce store is quite invincible. The moment you make your store live, you find yourself anticipating for a high number of sales. And, when you begin selling your product, the happiness knows no bounds, right?

Soon enough, you see keenness creeping in. You want more visitors, more customers, more conversions, and more revenue. However, when it comes to creating and running a WooCommerce store, the biggest challenge would be to gain more leads and convert them for more sales.

But this procedure is not an ordinary one. Once you’ve defined your objectives and expectations, you start working upon such techniques and tricks that help you convert more visitors. However, for a person who has just started with a WooCommerce store, just figuring out and understanding such techniques take a lot of time.

So, here are top 6 easy and simplified ways to convert more users on your WooCommerce store that will help you till the very end.

Tracking Customer Behaviour


One of the best and effective ways to optimize your WooCommerce sales funnel and target visitors at different stages is to keep a track on their behaviour through your website insights and data. Such data will be important to provide a customized experience to visitors.

When you track customer behaviour, you get an opportunity to get familiar with several aspects. Right from how visitors are engaging with your store to how they are shopping, there is a lot to comprehend and discover.

With this, you’ll be able to find out from where your visitors are coming to your site, what they’re doing on the store, what are they liking and disliking the most, and more such data. Once you’ve obtained every bit of essential information, optimizing the WooCommerce store adequately will become an easier task.

Redesigning Landing and Home Pages


Psychologically, the design of your homepage or landing page plays an important role in attracting visitors and making them purchase something from your store. If you think that your WooCommerce store isn’t churning enough sales, why don’t you consider redesigning essential pages completely using a premium Ecommerce WordPress theme?

When you sell something online, it’s vital to understand the pain points of your customers and make them realize the same through your content. Not just that, but your landing page or homepage, along with showing problems, should also be displaying the solution that you are offering that may give them some relief.

Here are some additional tips that will help you in redesigning:

  • Use bold and large images to grab the attention of your visitors and to display what you’re offering
  • Keep the familiarity of brand intact on the homepage and the landing page
  • Use contrasting colors for a call to action buttons so as to make them look unique and stand out
  • Add testimonials and reviews to reassure credibility to your visitors
  • Concentrate more on providing a compelling value proposition to your customers

Furthermore, you can even make use of A/B testing to make changes or redesign such pages completely.

Make the Store Searchable


If you have executed search engine optimization and are still tangled with link building tasks, it’s good. However, don’t limit your store’s reach to that. SEO is not the only way to bring your store in search engine results.

In fact, taking a step ahead, make it easier for visitors to find products in your store easily by adding a search bar on the top. A study claims that approximately 30% of visitors make use of internal search bar to find a product.

  • To guarantee an amazing user experience, follow these practices:
  • Provide a search option with product pages
  • Provide an option for multilingual searches
  • Enable autocorrect and autocomplete options
  • Enable an option to save searches

Also, for proper optimization of the WooCommerce store, have a look at what visitors are searching for the most and find out the exact terms they are entering in the search bar. This will help you find whether you are offering what customers want or not.

Add a Countdown Timer


According to neuromarketing, installing just a mere countdown timer on the website can fetch you a significantly high number of sales. This technique is completely based on the fear of missing out and the persuasion psychology.

Making the most out of it, you can deploy a variety of countdown timers on your store, such as stock availability, discount period, ending soon, a chance to get free delivery, and something similar. The fundamental concept here would be clear – to create an urgent situation that will compel visitors to act without losing any other second.

And, scarcity is another thing that forces people to take adequate action. For instance, if a person knows that he/she can make a purchase anytime from your site, the action wouldn’t be as swift as knowing that the chances of missing out on a specific product are higher. So, act accordingly.

Cut Down the Length of Checkout Funnel


To put it in simple words, a checkout funnel is a journey that your store visitors complete until they pay for a purchase. It has been thoroughly observed that the shorter the way towards the payment page, the more likely visitors are going to buy.

Generally, you don’t have to force your visitors to register on your store if they want to purchase something. There are several users who aren’t willing to create an account. You can always enable them to continue making a purchase within signing up or registering.

Similarly, avoid asking them a lot of information. Keep the form fields as limited as possible, just including important information to generate a bill. It can include full name, email address, delivery address, phone number, and more.

Wordings & Position of Call-to-Actions


Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are the ones that are clicked by users when it comes to taking a certain action. They are generally available on all the pages of the store. For obvious reasons, you must be highlighting these buttons to make them stand out from the rest.

For this, there are three different aspects that should be considered:

The Wording

While writing text for these buttons, try and avoid aggressive verbs, like pay, subscribe, order, buy, and more. Such words leave a forceful impression on users for accomplishing a certain task. If you’re doing this, you’re most likely making visitors run away.

Color & Shape

These CTA buttons are meant to stand out from pages and other content as well. They should be attractive enough to grasp the attention of users. Hence, make sure you’re using the right color combination. If you want, you can even use pictograms to display them.

The Position

The position is the most important aspect of a CTA button. Since you want to draw limelight to these elements, don’t shove them into any corners of the page instead keep them at the top or middle.


Undoubtedly, it might take years altogether before you become a pro at conversion rate optimization. However, that shouldn’t be the reason stopping you from going ahead. Start slowly and start from today.

Use these ways mentioned above and experiment with more techniques that can bring you a satisfactory conversion rate. Keep evolving and keep trying until you reach the pinnacle of success.

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