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5 Secrets about WordPress Sliders that Nobody will tell you.

When it comes to displaying slideshows on web pages, WordPress sliders have gained enough recognition. If the only intention with which you work is to make your website look more organized, especially when you’re using a lot of pictures, WordPress slider plugin can incessantly help you do a better job.


Not just this element can fetch you a high number of clicks or session time, however, with sliders, you can even expect an increase in the conversion rate. Although a majority of website owners or developers still deny the usefulness of this element, the truth is that there are several advantages one can gain from sliders.

While sliders may not fit every web page, you may still plan and create something unique and special out of them. So, if you are thinking to display different kinds of content, such as images, videos, and more, having a slider on your WordPress website can be advantageous to a great extent.

However, before you take the plunge and start with WordPress sliders, there are some secrets that you should know about this element. But, before that, here are some benefits of WordPress sliders that may help you make a better decision.

Benefits of WordPress Sliders:

Talking about advantages, here are some of the best benefits:

  • They help to showcase products in a better way
  • Their visual appeal is enchanting
  • With sliders, you can express information instantly
  • Textual content can be displayed in an alluring manner
  • One of the best alternative forms of advertising

Top 5 Things That You Should Know About Website Sliders:

Although there are several things that people are going to convey to you, whether good or bad, there are some such facts that will be disclosed very rarely. Here are some of them:


  • Not All Sliders Are Bad:


Since a year or few, the kind of perception that’s fuelling out there is highlighting the side-effects of using sliders on a website. However, that point of view isn’t the truest form of facts for every website out there.

Although there is plenty of slider plugins available for WordPress, however finding the one that is accessible, user-friendly, and looks good on the website isn’t a tough task. While people are quick to judge an element based on a few specific results, they often miss out on a clearer picture.

Hence, as far as you should know unless you’re pointing out an adequate and beneficial slider, you wouldn’t have to face a lot of problems with it. And then, with an accurate slider, attracting visitors to the website will even become easier.


  • User-Friendliness Is the Key:


Although the entire idea of using sliders on a WordPress website is quite fantastic, however, when it comes to making a selection, one of the primary things is the user-friendliness. There would be higher chances of things going wrong if you aren’t making the right choice.

Since sliders are meant to load multiple images at once, on a webpage, it may end up decreasing the speed of your website. The more the pictures, the higher could be the loading time. And then, since a majority of the website traffic comes from mobile devices, it’s even more important to keep everything intact.

In this situation, having a slider that is accurate, user-friendly, and wouldn’t mess around with the responsiveness or the speed of your website is quite important. All of these considerable points paint a clearer picture for you, isn’t it? So, before you make a choice, ensure that you’re on the right path.


  • Design Trends Help the Most:


One of the primary things to consider even before launching a WordPress slider is the trend of the year. Obviously, trends aren’t here to stay. At least, not all of them are evergreen. So, once you’ve installed a slider on your website, you aren’t going to change the appearance every year. Unless you don’t have any problem with yearly customization or alteration, you wouldn’t affirm to it.

Therefore, before you go for it, make sure that you are researching well enough and scrutinizing hot-shot trends that other websites are adopting. You don’t have to create something exactly which is already there, but make sure you aren’t adapting extreme uniqueness that may make your site look out of the box.

Also, ensure that the trend you’re selecting is there to stay for a while unless you are okay with continuous adaptations and changes. You can even create something marvelous by taking up a couple of different slider trends and using them on your website as one.


  • Considering the Direction of Sliders:


direction of sliderOf course, there is a variety of ways and tricks to display WordPress sliders. Not just you’d have a varied web page options but several choices to style as well. When you consider the ideas of putting up sliders on your website, you must keep the directions in mind.

While making a decision with WordPress sliders, experts always recommended paying attention to diverse standpoints. Along with the latest trend, experts also recommend having a look at the user experience and marketing as well as monetary performance.

Since not every slider element is created to fetch you a lot of money, you can place two different ideas into one single category. For instance: if you are displaying sliders to impart specific information about your brand, your priority would be to gain more conversions instead of direct gains of monetary.

If in some cases, these two aspects turn out to be related or interconnected, you can assess your slider design in terms of marketing and money performance. Hence, you’ll have an idea of whether or not the slider will provide you with eye-catching and appropriate results.


  • Using it As A Marketing Strategy:


While most of the people will suggest you how to use WordPress sliders as a technique to make your website look gorgeous, however, very few will be suggesting you how to utilize this entire element as a marketing tip.

Sliders are one of the best tools when it comes to marketing your product, service, or a brand altogether. If you are looking forward to putting real-time content or update your website often, using sliders wouldn’t cause much trouble to you.

With sliders, there are several ways to market and advertise your brand. Apart from the basic information, you can even put the latest events or promotion details on the slider to let more people know about what you are up to.

However, if you are using sliders for marketing, you’d have to ensure that you are displaying this element at the top of the page to maximize the gain out of it – be it in the form of leads or sales. Importing pictures from your social media platforms and displaying them on the slider is another great technique. Not just it will bring exposure but will even maintain the consistency.


Regardless of whether you like them or not, WordPress sliders are still one of the most popular elements that more and more people are using these days. Anyhow, it’s obvious to figure out why people are going gaga over it – they are not just helpful in putting key information but are also eye-catching.

If you want your visitors to see, your posts or sales pitch the moment they land on your website, displaying sliders with the superior quality of content is what you require. With them, you can even save some space by effectively displaying multiple images all at once. So, if you are using them, make sure they are providing you benefits and being effective to your site.

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