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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a High Converting Thank You Page

How would you feel if your customers are willing to offer you more money?

I’m sure you will be happy to accept the offer. But statistics have shown that you’ve been neglecting this offer.

Would you like to know how and why? The 9th tip will shock you.

The reason is your “Thank You Page.” 

It is sad to know that many online business sellers are shooting themselves on the leg. Your activities after potential customers complete an action on your website is essential. A simple thank you can make visitors offer you more money. Because you’ve optimized the thank you page, your website conversions can improve. There is more to just saying thank you – keep reading. Many website owners put in lots of effort in setting up a website. Most of them spend money on performing various marketing (online and offline) tactics. Now the visitors have taken a step to complete an action on your website. One of the best things to do is building a relationship with them. Part of the reasons is that 56 percent of your visitors won’t buy the first time (source). Visitors will take action after an average of 3 – 4 exposures. You must have heard that the fortune is in the follow-up.

What is a thank you page?

This is the page that visitors to your website can see only after completing an action (usually after a sale). The purpose is to offer value in exchange for their information. Have you noticed in real life, not online that whatever you say after thanks matter a lot? What I mean is people will listen to you more if you appreciate them. This holds the same online too.

Let’s dive into the tips you would have paid a consultant.

Using the analogy of traffic lights (Green, Yellow, and Red) in a reverse manner. Let’s assume when you were driving traffic to your site – it’s green. When they are in – it’s yellow. When they get to thank you page, without utilizing the opportunity at the page – it’s red. It’s red because you’ve shown them the way out of your life. So, putting a boring “Thank You Page,” you are not serving the purpose.

The best thank you pages usually take advantage of the opportunity with these tips;

11 Awesome Tips to create high converting thank you page

1. Encourage them to join your social media platform

Asking your visitors to follow you on your social platforms takes trust. It, not a new thing these days that people would look you up on social webs. The reason is to be sure you’re real and genuine. Though a brand on social media does not guarantee trust. But would increase your brand credibility without a doubt. So, while setting up “thank you page design,” encourage your visitors to visit your social media pages. Make them understand what value they get on the platforms by interacting. Once they take this action, they won’t forget you. Your activities at the social platforms would determine their stay.

2. Ask for referrals

There is nothing as remarkable as having your visitors to refer you to people. The easiest way to have them refer you to others is by giving them value. If there’s something I appreciate about Neil Patel, it’s in his ability to provide value. Because of the gifts by Neil, It’s easier for me to refer people to him. Your objectives and mission are clear to you. You need to do lots of giveaways to gain the trust of website visitors. Many businesses now offer affiliate programs to increase sales. If you’ve noticed, most network marketing organizations earn on referrals. 7 out of 10 customers have identified that word of mouth moves faster than any marketing tactic

3. Encourage community participation

Have this in mind that for visitors to take your desired action, they expect more. It is your responsibility to ask them to join others in your community. Asking them to join you (give you something) may sound like a pushy salesman. But tell them others are waiting to share values (give them something) in return with them. You created a Facebook group, page, and another forum to build a community. This is where you establish and build a relationship. You must be willing to educate, inform and sometimes entertain them.

4. Engage people on your website

Have a thank you page design that keeps visitors on your website. For instance, if you check the Unbounce landing page, you’ll see how alluring and engaging it is. A website like Unbounce will always have visitors coming back. The environment is one key factor that determines what we do. If your thank you page template is conducive in nature, you’ll drive more attention. So, figure out ways to lead visitors back to your website without effort. You could offer eBooks, infographics, short-timed videos, images, and gifs, etc.
There are lots of marketing insights that can make a massive difference if maximized.

5. Encourage social shares

Brand awareness should be one of your primary goals. At the top of the marketing funnel, a brand needs as many visitors as possible. Encourage your current visitors to share your content on social platforms. Now, Google places more value on the social sharing of content. Your understanding of visitors’ psychographics and demographics will give you an edge. Don’t assume because you have great content; visitors will share it. You can see how some people react to this and optimize your page. Let them behave the way they want to before they comply.

6. Value Value Value

Website visitors will keep coming back once they know what values you offer. The values you share should be the ones that promote interest and ideas in your niche. Your value propositions must add to visitors’ knowledge. It needs to meet the most pressing needs of the visitors. Tools like AnswerThePublic will give you content ideas. Once visitors value your shared value, you’ve got a free marketing system at your disposal.

Values could be in the form of:

  • infographics,
  • videoes,
  • ebooks,
  • guides,
  • reviews,
  • case studies,
  • link pages to your blog post,
  • podcast,
  • research data
  • and more.

7. Displaying promotions

Once a customer lands on your thank you page, that’s a yes mood. When you show them more related products, they’ll likely show interest. You must have seen lots of websites doing this. So, it isn’t anything new. Most of the time, displaying promotional products increases items in shoppers’ carts. The numbers of people that will engage on this page depend on what you give, show, or engage them. You can always include complementary products to the base products purchased.

Also, You could include these in your thank you page:

  •  Special  offers
  •  Promo  codes
  • Blog  post
  • Product  advert
  • Affiliate  links
  • AdSense  link

You can cross-promote your products to new and old buyers. You could show trending and hottest commodities that customers are demanding. Nowadays, this is much easier with AI gathering information and studying user- behavior. It can suggest related item visitors have searched for (search terms) before reaching your website.

8. Project brand personality

If visitors cannot remember your brand after 2 hours of visiting your site, then you’ve let them down. Visitors must be able to associate you with your color, content style, and personality. Once you land on the AnswerThePublic website, the human figure will always be fresh in your memory. 

What is your style of branding that shoppers will find challenging to get over with? 


Create brand value through your own images, animations, memes. Gear your efforts towards impressing your style of operations on the thank you page. You could be inspirational, playful, a little quirky and humorous. One can associate orange background and white font with Neil Patel.

9. Be consistent

The reason this is important is that every activity depends on it. Consistency is what projects a brand as knowing what they want to stand for. Forget every other tip here – consistency is non-negotiable. If you’re not consistent with what you do, you’re only saying – the vision is not clear. The major habits business owners have are perseverance and consistency. We all know that jack of all trades is master of none. 

When you keep doing what you do, that’s when you’ll breakthrough. Don’t forget you’re meant to build trust. You have collected the details of your visitors, and you decided to follow up for a while. After that, you left them hanging and wondering for a month. Many brands are epileptic – neither here nor there. Consistency could also mean that you have the same branding across all platforms. Stop confusing innocent visitors to your forum. Always stick to consistent branding style w.r.t your logo, handles, email address, and so on.
You can see what works on your website by setting up session recordings and heatmaps. But, it is important to be consistent in your branding designs.

10. Include links to your best content

While testing how to increase the time spent on my website, I decided to link some of the high traffic content. Surprisingly, the traffic rose, even more, the bounce rate reduced, and I now have an average of 6.3 minutes. The initial time spent was 2.7 minutes. Including links to great content will keep shoppers on your website. The linking pages should help visitors to make informed decisions. Google also loves it when you connect to your relevant pages. Project your brand as an expert in what you do.

11. Tell them the next steps

It could be annoying when users take action on the site and there is nothing to reveal the next level of actions. While I was starting up my career, I had applied for a job, and I was expecting a follow-up message. A message to inform me if my application was successful or not. If I had the power, I would have sued them. Won’t do that now because old things have passed away. On a serious note, always inform your website visitors the next step to take. Never leave buyers hanging, especially when they complete an action. You may be frustrating potential customers out of your brand.


I will want to know if you’re still going to reject the potential money your customers are offering you. Now is the time to get things done that will increase your website conversions. The tips are not for you to abuse rather they are for you to use to optimize your thank you page. It’s time to maximize your brand potential. Build trust by being consistent. Never overwhelm your visitors with pop-ups and information that will put them off.

On a final note, your thank you page should not be boring. Let it drive attention to the sense of gratitude you owe your customers.

We would like to know how you have designed your thank you page. Add a comment if you have any other ideas for optimizing the thank you page.



Pritesh Baswante

Pritesh B is a digital marketer with a fortunate habit of learning from people around him. He has a master's degree in marketing management. He grew up in Pune and is currently working with Hummingbird Web Solutions. He is passionate about SEO and is a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) enthusiast. He is focused and result-oriented, but can also be a bit whimsical. You can connect to him via LinkedIn.

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