User Session Recording for WooCommerce

Why aren’t your visitors buying?

HumCommerce’s free WooCommerce plugin will find out. And let you know. 

Automated Anomaly Analysis. Abandoned Carts. Rage and Dead Clicks. Errors.

What is HumCommerce?

HumCommerce is a free WordPress plugin for WooCommerce, that automatically analyses your website traffic and generates a report of all the issues that are preventing your visitors from buying. You get a list of frustrated users’ session recordings wherein your users weren’t able to buy due to problems on your website.

STEP 1 :

Download this free plugin

Download, install & activate HumCommerce’s free CRO WordPress plugin


Start visitor recordings

HumCommerce starts recording sessions for your visitors and identifying issues


Take corrective actions

Watch the short-listed visitor session recordings and fix the highlighted issues.

Visitor Recordings for Frustrated Users

Recording website for

  • Abandoned cart (users who added items to their shopping cart but weren’t able to complete their purchase)
  • Error messages that were generated during the user session
  • Rage and dead clicks (user elements that look clickable but lead to nowhere

Study where your users are clicking, improve your customer experience, get more sales!

Watch and fix. That's it

  • Watch the collected and shortlisted visitor session recordings. You can playback the recording at different speeds. Jump directly to specific pages or skip pauses
  • Make changes to your UI so that it is not misleading
  • Correct broken links so that it doesn’t lead to frustrated users
  • Fix errors generated

Quickly fix usage problems with your website to see a boost in sales!

How do I get started?

  • Install and activate HumCommerce’s free User Session Recording WooCommerce Plugin
  • Accept the terms and click the ‘Click to complete setup’ button to collect the visitor recording.
  • After 24-48 hours, the data will be ready for you to view in your WordPress Dashboard (you will receive an email alert)
  • You will be shown a list of 20 recordings for abandoned carts and frustrated users
  • You will get an email every day until you deactivate or delete the plugin
  • The report is sent to the email id associated with your WordPress website (you can change it in the plugin settings)
  • Data for up to 7 days is stored and can be viewed by you at any time

Need more convincing?

What is the cost of your abandoned carts?​
You’ve noticed that your ‘customers’ often leave your website with items left in their cart. Have you calculated the cost of that lost business though?
With HumCommerce, you can find out exactly how much revenue you can potentially recover. And how.

Quickly fix usage problems with your website to see a boost in sales!

How do I know which session recordings to watch?​

HumCommerce solves this age-old problem!

There are plenty of awesome tools out there to record visitor sessions.

But all they do is generate thousands of session recordings, or worse still, they just pick random samples without applying any intelligence to that selection.

So, how do you decide which session recordings are important enough for you to watch? What if you end up ignoring the most important ones?

Which is why, we will tell you exactly which session recordings to watch.

Figure out exactly how to improve your forms and boost conversions.

Why us?

Why your business needs HumCommerce

How do we know this?

  • We don’t claim to understand your business.
  • But, we understand websites.
  • We understand visitor behavior – scrolls, clicks, mouse movements, even the pauses!
  • Hands-free, Stress-free Optimization.
  • No mumbo-jumbo. No random guesses.
  • Get clear, actionable insights and recommendations that dramatically improve your sales.

What we believe…

  • Collecting data is easy. Making sense of it, is the hard part.
  • HumCommerce analyses your WooCommerce data and helps you draw the right conclusions.
  • Can you do it yourself?
  • Of course, you can.
  • But we believe it is best we do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on growing your business

Its all in your Dashboard

Here’s what we do…

We record visitor sessions for your website.

We track abandoned carts and present everything you need to know right within your WordPress Dashboard. You don’t need to go anywhere else to log in or create an account.

Fix the highlighted issues and watch your conversions soar!


Frequently asked questions about HumCommerce

Rage clicks happen when a user clicks on a particular section many times and in frustration. It is a clear signal that the user was not able to complete the goal.

Dead Clicks are the clicks that have no effect on the page. It identifies the meaningless interactions on the webpage.

Session Recordings let you record all the user interactions on the page. You can virtually see clicks, movements, scrolls, and other interactions with the website.

Usually you would need to watch all your recordings to identify any problems that the users faced while interacting with your website.

However, with HumCommerce’s WordPress plugin, you don’t need to watch and analyse the recordings yourself. You get a list of all the critical recordings of users who weren’t able to complete their purchase due to errors on your website.


You simply need to fix the issues that are highlighted.

Cart abandonment occurs when a potential customer adds products in the cart and leaves without completing the purchase process.

Cart abandonment is the revenue in the cart when users have left without buying. This is a potential revenue that can be recovered through various ways.

Not yet. HumCommerce is completely free right now. But if there are any features that you would like us to add, get in touch with us.

Get in touch with us if you want access to more than 20 recordings.

Yes, you can watch, pause or replay the user recordings as many times as you like.

We take user privacy very seriously. HumCommerce doesn’t record any user identifiable information. By default it suppresses all text-based on-page numbers and email addresses, input fields and some text in session recordings.

I love how this WooCommerce plugin focuses only on issues that are important enough to need your immediate attention. It identified critical bottlenecks in our purchase workflow and our conversions started showing an upward trend as soon as these were fixed.

I always start my day with HumCommerce’s report!   A POPULAR TECH DEALS SITE